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Hi AOA, so I live in US right and I really love my first cousin who lives all the way in Pakistan and he's my mamos son and my mamo passed away so he's in charge of the house the thing is he's like 8 years older than me and I feel like my mom wouldn't be up to me going to leave such a nice place and go marry someone in Pakistan. I really like and so does he like me but I stopped talking to him because I don't want a haram relation with him. My sister throughout of when i was talking she also said i shouldn't and i stopped so i don't anymore now my moms going to pakistan so our another cousin's marriage and i really wanna see him because i never have b4.

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So you never met your cousin and you just want to me meet him, I don't see any issue in your case. Your family supports cousin marriage, it's up to you two whether you are willing to change your place of residency for your relationship. 

I don't know much about your religion and you didn't mention your age, so if you know you are ready to get married then talk to your family and your cousin and marry him. If he is old enough then chances are: if not you then his marriage will be fixed with some other cousin in your family.  

But, first you have to find out whether you really love him and want to be with him, or you just want to see him. 


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