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Coming out/ complicated relationship

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So me and my cousin have been in a relationship for almost a year and our parents all know about this, we’ve planned to have kids but not sure quite yet.. we dont live together atm.. bc he lives a little far. My mom and dad are NOT okay with this my mom is far from okay and my dad well eehh.. hes like whatever, his parents are super supportive but my grandma isnt.. theyre all saying its a sin (we’ Catholic btw) but love is love.. i never chose to fall in love with him i disnt chose for him no to be my cousin.. but now hes worried about what would happen once we move in together.. we are now having problems and we need help and advice from people who went thru something the same 

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 First off, if the family is Catholic, then they are Christian, and, if they TRULY believe the scriptures, there is nothing in there prohibiting it, and many accounts of it, and nearly as many accounts of it actually being commanded by God. If they refuse to believe THOSE scriptures, they are hypocrites, and may as well throw the whole Bible out.

 THAT SAID, for reasons I don't really have time or inclination to go into here, the Catholic Church HAS taken a dim eye on first cousin marriages since the 12th century or so. BUT, you can request a dispensation from the diocese, and be married in the Church. If you show up with a dispensation from the diocese, what are they going to say? Will they argue with the Bishop? Because that's who they will have to cry to about it. I REALLY doubt they want to argue with the Bishop. 

ALL OF THAT SAID, this is only if you are where first cousin marriages are legal. I use to be a mod, and as such, had privileges which allowed me to have a little peek at IP numbers and get a general idea where our members and guests were, (unless you were on certain wireless broadbands, or running a proxy, in which case I couldn't be assed to dig deeper) and would counsel further from there. But, I no longer am , and it's just as well. I don't have the time to put in like I use to. At any rate..... PROVIDED IT'S LEGAL IN EITHER YOUR OR HIS PLACE, (Hint Hint at where the two of you want to domicile) you CAN get a dispensation from the diocese, get married by, and in the eyes of, and with the blessing of, the Church, and have a houseful of kids if you so choose. Tell the family you are going to do it right, and they can argue with the diocese, because YOU are NOT going to listen to error on their part....

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