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Ive been with my half brothers son since i was 15 and im 20 and hes 21 we habe been together ever since and got married 6 months ago in guatemala . We want to have a kid but want to know if there could be any risk , i never knew my mom had another son  and let along have kids too . Me and him fell inlove after like 4 months of him being in the us , something we both didnt expect . And a year ago we both left to his country and are in the middle of fixing his papers so he can be in the us with me . Idk what to do because we want kids but i need advice or something that'll help me out . Thank you

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they married in Guatemala. i don't know what the laws are there. i THINK that a half-nephew would be the genetic equivalent of a first cousin, but it's definitely a question for a genetic expert.

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