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Situation right now

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Hello everyone ,

Here i will say briefly about our situation.  she is 18 and my aunts daughter , I m 27 . We currently live in same city. since 6 month I got have serous crush on her and i let it know her recently through my another cousin but she told that she want me as a brother . p.s - our both family wants us together .she behave normally and also always  call me brother when she speak or chat with me, that mostly irritate me . When I stand in front of her I behave like my cousin and I cant be normal ,like I cant flirt on her without staring at her like fools .Her eye contact makes me feel like she also curious but she also confused  but she never stop calling me brother! I am very much confused should I tell her about my feelings by myself by knowing  her answer already or i should just forget her...! I cant forget her smile and voice .;

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when i was 18, i thought of 27 year olds as "old men". maybe you just need to be patient and let her grow up a little more. at 18, she's still relatively new to the whole concept of relationships.

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