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So I'm in a bit of a dilemma at the moment, I'm in a relationship with my 1st cousin (My Aunties son) who is 21 and I am 19, and he is supposed to come to my Country to visit me in February for two weeks. He has never come to my Country before, I've always been the one to go to this Country since it's just much easier and cheaper than for him to come to mine. Everything is going amazing in our relationship after so many ups and downs and we're finally in such an amazing place and we love each other so much. 

In July I went to his Country for his sisters wedding and we were inseparable most of time and most of my family knew about us or found out which was okay but my Mum does not accept us being together at all despite the fact that she's close with a family member who are married and are cousins.

She did everything she could to keep us apart and was constantly watching our every move. I live at home so when he comes to visit me in Feb we're going to stay in an Apartment together and as a cover story I was going to tell my Mum that I was planning a little trip with some friends for two weeks and I wasn't going to tell her he was coming to visit me. 

I know that if I tell her the truth she will do everything in her power to prevent me from staying with him or even seeing him and I'll have to fight with her and tell her I'm going anyway which could result in me getting kicked out and having no where to go. I can't let him come all the way here for nothing when it is so expensive for him to stay, for only two weeks in the Apartment alone. Me personally i'm okay with not telling her because I've waited so long to be with him and If she finds out that he came I'd deal with the consequences later, but he feels like we're hiding that we want to be together and he's worried that not telling my Mum that he's coming will cause more problems for me. I honestly have no idea what to do, Help!

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