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Separated from my husband. Help moving forward.

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Hi all, 

It's been a while since I've been on here. Been trying to work through a difficult time in my relationship which has ended up in a separation (he's been gone for 4 months.... this is going to end in divorce). 


My question for you all is.... Moving forward thinking about future relationships etc do you tell your new partner about the fact you were recently married to your cousin? Or is it safer to keep it a secret? 


For some reason I'm worried it will frighten people off!

Any advice would be great xxx



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  • Moderator

I agree with KC. No need to tell everything.  It really isn't open business unless things would get serious. 

And if that bothered the new serious interest,  find out the why,then you might rethink that relationship too.

Best wishes on your future journey.

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  • Administrator

yep, i'm here. i see no problem telling people you were married to your cousin, BUT, i see no reason to lead with that, either. when you put yourself on the market and start dating again, you're just getting to know people. it takes a while for them to move from the category of 'acquaintance' to 'soulmate', and i think the telling of things like that, if they're told at all, should be somewhere in the middle of those two. after you know him well enough to decide if he's someone you might want to consider long term, but before you're so deeply invested that your whole world would be turned upside down if you found out he just can't accept your past.

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