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How i tell that i love her

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I am 17 years old and my cousin sister is 16 (one year younger to me). She is a good and a beautiful girl. So that i love her so much. And i think that she also has a crush on me( Not sure ). I want to say that i love her so much. But i don't know how to say that as I am not aware with girls. And also i don't know when i have to say it as we are not adults yet. I can't find the best situation to say that. 


Can anyone help!!!!   Can anyone give me a help!!!

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Hey, I'm not an expert, but here's what I think I would do. I'd try to show her that I liked her in not too obvious ways. I'd gain her trust (just hit her up and talk to her (probably works best at night), don't waste too much time in small talk, tell her your problems, tell her your secrets, maybe even talk about sex (don't rush it, be careful with that), and she might do the same). Once you guys trust each other enough, just tell her, be honest with her (preferably if you both are alone, like at a sleepover or something), and make sure that whatever she does, she doesn't tell that to anyone. Good luck! And have a good 2019, btw. ☻

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