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How should I flirt, when I don't even know if he feels the same way?

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Hey guys! Long time, no see! 

I made a post some months ago explaining my situation with my cousin, long story short, he's always been the supportive older brother type, but I've harbored feelings for him since we were children. I am arguably his closest friend/confidante, and he is definitely mine. We talk almost daily. 

ANYWAY. He's in town from out of state, and we're going to get lunch! I'm wondering, how exactly did you get the ball rolling? I can't just flirt with him like I would attempt with any other man, since I still have no clue how he views the whole cousin/cousin thing. I am notoriously bad at reading signals, so gauging whether or not he's "ready" for that progression in our relationship isn't really a possibility. Would love some advice on this topic, and to talk with you all again! I was so overwhelmed (in a good way) by the people who responded to me last time. Such a supportive group, you all are. Thanks everybody! 

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More info needed. How long since you have seen him, other than him coming to visit this time? How old are the two of you?

Have you had any other interaction?  Maybe now is not the time to start flirting and professing such feelings for him.

How about just building a solid friendship in person, ( rather than just on line or text or facebook. get the idea?)

If and when the time comes, the tried and true line of  "if you weren't my cousin..... "  (I would date you, go out with you etc.)

or "you possess the qualities I look for in a boyfriend, mate.... etc"  fill in the blanks to  fit your situation or comfort zone.


I will be unable to respond to any replies for a bit. We travel in an RV and I don't always have internet or wifi.  I apologize ahead

of time for that. 


Best wishes on your journey.

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