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Requirements for a Marriage License in AZ

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My cousin and I wish to marry in Arizona, neither of us can have children and we have the proofs to show that...do we just go in and apply for a license as anyone else and present proofs or is there an extra step? If there is an extra step, what is it? Please, having trouble tracking down answers.

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The best advice I can give for you is to make a phone call to the marriage licensing office of the county you live in and ask.

Be prepared for the person to not be familiar with the marriage laws of the state pertaining to  cousin marriage. 

Don't be afraid to ask for someone further up the chain of command to get the right answer.

Disclaimer: We do not give ANY legal advice on this site. Always seek legal advice when in doubt.


Best wishes on your journey and keep us posted on what you learn.

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  • Administrator


You may marry in AZ provided that you can't have children. I assume that basically you would have documentation from an M.D. and present that to the judge who signs-off on the marriage license. You may find out when you apply for a marriage license application. Just ask the clerk what you need to bring. Good luck my friend!

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