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Venue for private conversations.

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 Good morning,

  I am wondering if there is a venue, or way to engage  in a more private conversation with successful coupled cousins. I would like to bring my cousin into the discussion, and give her the ability to communicate with others that have faced the same situation and issues that we are now looking at in our own lives. However, she is very unlikely to participate in a forum that is visible to the public, and she would be more comfortable in a more private and 1 on 1 setting. A couple with a Christian oriented perspective might be best as well. she holds to Christian beliefs (I am not a Christian, being a traditionalist Native, but we have a deep and abiding respect for each other's beliefs and it is not a stumbling block between us) If anyone has an idea or would be willing, it would be very much appreciated.

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i'm a christian, but i'm afraid the standard private message option through this forum is the best private way to contact me. 

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