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So Far, So Good

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Just wanted to post an update. 

Five months ago I reconnected with my 1st cousin and we have been on this amazing journey together ever since.  We have our difficulties with living in different states and trying to maintain a long distance relationship, but in spite of that, we make time for each other and see one another as often as possible.  The distance is HARD but we are making it work.  Knowing that within 2 years (once my youngest child graduates high school), we will be together for good makes this time apart a bit easier to manage, but maintaining a long distance relationship is definitely hard work.

Four months ago I found this site and I have been so grateful for it!  He and I struggled, like most people here, with our family's acceptance of the relationship.  But once we decided to tell them, we have been surprised by how accepting everyone has been.  I will say that my 18 year old daughter (who is now in NYC studying to be a professional dancer) still has a tiny bit of the Ick Factor, but she is mature enough to realize that I am happy, for the first time in a long time, and she never says anything derogatory about my cousin relationship and has not let it negatively affect my relationship with her.

I know that in many ways I have been blessed with this relationship.  Perhaps because of my age, perhaps because of the "cousin factor" or perhaps because of the hard knocks I've risen above, this relationship is so different from any I've experienced before.  Reconnecting with him and deciding to pursue this relationship has been the most natural, easy-going decision I've ever made in my life.  There is no hint of pretense or dishonesty between us - we can argue and disagree and still know that the relationship will be OK.  We can talk for hours at a time, about nothing and everything.  He is the first person I speak to in the morning and the last I speak to before I close my eyes to sleep. It truly is like God has been saving this wonderful gift for me all these years and has decided that now I am ready to receive it. 

I am so happy it is ridiculous!

I just want to say Thank You for all the good advice that is posted her, for providing a place for people to post their questions and for all the encouragement I have received from CC the last few months!

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It just doesn't need to be explained does it? The drama created beyond your love belongs to other people. It is not yours to deal with. Our "stuff" belongs to us and we need to remember to keep it that way. (Endless time conversing about anything?? Hmmmmm....sounds like Kris and I. And we laugh ourselves silly!)

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