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Similar physical appearance

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Hey I'm new here and was wondering if anyone else ever gets creeped out about the similarities in physical appearance you share with your cousin/spouse. 

My cousin looks Alot like me and also like one of my uncles and everytime I notice it I become creeped out. 

I love him with all my heart and soul and am not backing out of the relationship. 

I'm ready to overcome whatever I have to for the sake of my love for him.

I just don't know how to deal with that particular problem it prevents me from preforming sexual activities with him sometimes. 

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yes, I´ve notices similarities. We don´t look a like physically but a couple of gestures and behaviors (like holding a spoon a certain way, things like that) make it seem so, but I can definetly see more of my father´s and brother´s gestures in him, maybe I have them too but I just don´t pay attention in myself. It´s very interesting how genetics play a huge rol in behaviour since our parents are brothers and people often confuse them thinking one of them is the other one or even think they are twins (they´re not), another thing could be that they were raised sort of the same with a different enviroment, they didn´t grow up together due to age difference.  

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My first cousin who I am engaged to be married to in August, and I do not resemble each other physically. Our mothers were sisters, and THEY resembled each other, but my fiance' does not look like her mother in the least. Rather, she takes after her fathers side of the family in terms of appearance. Myself, I do not resemble either one of my parents very much except for my dark skin and dark hair which I inherited from my mom, her being full-blood native. Even though my cousin is also half Native American, she appears Caucasian...fair hair, fair skin like her Norwegian/Dutch paternal side. With me, it's pretty unmistakable that I'm indian, people often assuming that I am a full blood.

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