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More about your online security and privacy

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In recent years I have become an online security hawk. Honestly, most internet users have no clue to the extent of tracking that is taking place. There are lots of ways to track a person online that 99 percent of users have never dreamed of. With only a few pieces of personal info about you, I can, with the help of a "big data" warehouse, pinpoint you. Give me a zip code, your gender, and age and I could narrow you down into a manageable population. Give me a birthdate or any address you have ever lived at and BOOM. I got ya.

WIth only your phone number, lots of unsavory characters can monitor your location 24/7. When I look myself up on Google Maps, I can tell which room in the house that I am in.

Your online privacy is just as easily parsed. You must take action in order to protect your privacy. I have no less than 5 plugins that obfuscate my browser's fingerprint. Paradoxically, the more plugins you install, however, the more distinct your browser's fingerprint can become -- which actually makes it easier to be tracked!

I have found a browser that I am testing, and I invite everybody to try it out too. It's called the Brave browser. It requires no plugins; its built-in features block ads, forbids fingerprinting, makes sure your connections are secure and lets you control if scripts are allowed by default. It employs superb security.  PLUS it pays you MONEY to allow non-intrusive ads! With the money you earn, you can, if you wish, support your favorite websites! Like this one 🙂

You should check out the new Brave browser (via my link above). This may be the way the internet is heading -- the next big thing -- advertisers pay you to load/see their content, instead of everyone installing ad-blocking plugins.

In any case, you are paid in a cryptocurrency called BAT.  It is worth about $0.11 per BAT at the moment. I am investing in it. Just in case it does take off. It is now traded on Coinbase. Those informed folks at Coinbase must think it is going somewhere. 

If you don't think you need the Brave browser, check out these sites.

Your browser setup, OS, and hardware combines make for a very good fingerprint. They can follow you around the Internet without an IP address because a browser fingerprint is better than an IP address in many cases.

Anyway, I am rambling, but do check out the Brave browser. I like it and may very well switch over. It is based upon Chromium and should be compatible with Google Chrome add-ons.


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