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Should I burn bridges?

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My cousin has a gf and he is in a committed relationship. 

Is it healthy to be in love with your cousin and to be in a relationship with someone else?

I have done it once and ended up with a nasty breakup! I am scared to repeat the same. I have feelings for my cousin, it would be nice to spend my life with him. I am willing to go above and beyond, but he does not want to for whatever reason, he chose not to be with me.

Staying in touch with him or family is not healthy, I cannot control my emotions when I see him with some other person. 

So please advice!


Thank you


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I can feel your pain and fully identify with it.  My cousin is married to some  else.  Being in love with your cousin and having a relationship with someone else is NOT healthy - not to you OR to the

    someone else.     

My strongest advice to you is to build a life for yourself.  Keep busy and find new activities to fill the hours.  

   Try to keep from discussing your situation with others and look for ways to enlarge your hobbies.

It isn't easy, it is painfully brutal but you need to care for yourself.

I have walked in your shoes and I understand.

Come back for sympathy and advice.  HUGS




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