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It was always true love

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Every year my mom would take us to Mexico to visit our grandparents, aunts, uncles and cousins. One summer everything changed for me. I kissed my cousin. I was 15 and he was 18. We went home and for a whole year all I wanted was to go back and see him. The following year we went back and things had changed a bit. He had a child with his girlfriend And I thought he had moved on. Not the case because this summer we fell in love. We stayed there for about two weeks and when it was time to leave I swore that I would do what ever it took to come back to be near him. When we got back home I convinced my parents to send me to school in Mexico. I went back and continued a relationship with him until we got caught. Both of us denied it and as soon as we had the chance we ran away together. We were on the “run” for about 2 weeks before his parents found us and dragged us back to my mom. At that point my mom took me back home and I became out of control. Fast forward 28 years. We saw each other at a few family functions. Every time I knew he was there or that he was coming, my heart would loose control. We found ourselfs looking for each other at all the parties. March of 2018 my mom went into the hospital and passed away. He came to say his goodbyes to my mom and we got close again. He has his family and I have mine. We are both in very weak relationships but still manage to keep our families together. The feelings that we have for each other are so true and so beautiful. I do not loose hope that one day our lives will finally join together forever. 

Sometimes I wish I would have the guts to drop everything and leave with the love of my live then reality slaps me in the face and says ....bitch! Wake up! 

Just thought I would share so people know, this is real.

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