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Hey guys, I recently met one of my second cousins on mom side of the family, and she is drip dead gorgeous, we took numbers and has been texting nun stop for about 4 Day's now, and I've fallen for her, hard, she is so so so beautiful, and her personality is like wow, I've told her many times that she is really beautiful and cute, but how to I deal with this feeling, and how do I tell her about it. Or find out if she feels the same??

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SLOW DOWN!!! You just met and have been texting for 4 days!?!? 

First off, knowing your ages may help with any advice you may receive.

You sound young, and I am not holding that against you or going to preach to you.

The best advice I can give for now is build a solid friendship. Do not start declaring

how you "feel" about her.  I seriously doubt she "feels" the same way after such a short time.

Do you live in  the same area?  Are you able to visit in person?  These things are important

 in getting to really know one another.


Best wishes on your journey.



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