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How I Live Now (cousin romance of sorts)

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I'm putting this here temporarily so that it will be seen by more of you.... i'll move it to the proper forum later. it's a movie, based on a novel. i did the "look inside" the novel at amazon and am glad i chose to watch the movie instead, because the author has the poorest writing style i've ever seen. it's got a lot of fabulous reviews though (like 150 of them) so i guess most people get over the run-on sentences with a major lack of punctuation.

i reviewed the movie. you can read it here. it's still at the theaters, but you can rent it on amazon anyway. it just costs a little more to rent it. once it's out of theaters, the rental price will come down.

oh what the heck, i'll copy the review here. but please go there and comment on it or give it a thumbs up for being helpful!

Unlike one of the other reviewers, I didn't find anything endearing about the director's style. In fact, the movie seemed almost as though it had been filmed entirely with a handheld video camera. BUT, I really enjoyed the story.

"Daisy" is a 15 year old typical teenage girl... angry, hateful, and dealing with a lot of emotional issues that present themselves as an eating disorder. Her father has apparently started a new family, and sent her to England to spend a summer with her aunt and three cousins. It never says for sure, but I am under the impression that the Aunt was the sister of Daisy's mom, who had died during childbirth. But the Aunt is never around, and Daisy learns to fit in with her three cousins; Piper, the youngest of the three and the only girl, Isaac, the middle child and the only one whose age is actually known (14) and the attractive "Eddie", who is more of a parent to his siblings than their mother is.

When a Nuclear explosion occurs miles away in London, and their idyllic countryside becomes occupied by an unidentified military presence, the youngsters are left to fend for themselves. Daisy's aunt is away on business and the sitter never arrives. For a short time, the more-or-less orphaned kids become a solid family on their own, with Daisy and Eddie falling for each other, while caring for the younger children. The cousin romance angle is portrayed as both natural and innocent. But when war separates them, they must struggle against all odds to survive and find their way home.

A note for parents: There are some mild sexual situations, although they are not nearly as graphic as what is seen in most movies these days. There is some occasional strong language... not often, but when it's there, it's THERE. And there are some violent scenes which, like the sex and the language, are much milder than most movies, but still more than what younger children need to be watching.

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since gotitgood has been busy posting links to all things cousins, i thought i'd bump this one up. it's really a good movie, although it's not directed well (at least not in my opinion)

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