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"Healthy cooking" will be the death of me

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Nat is trying to kill me with "healthy cooking." I appreciate everything but I am headed to McDonalds. This is eggplant and peppers maybe. This is food like they cooked during the great war. Today, we have fast food. I think this would make a great garnish for some fried chicken. :D

Sorry, Nat! Have to tease you about it. I promised to take one bite when it is finished. If it is good, I will have something else to say (ie expect complete silence).



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Tijuana Flats is Taco Bell's daddy. One of their hot sauce's name was "Slap my a$$ and call me Sally." I think that about sums it up.

Also don't go to the "hot box" hot sauce stand and then go to the restroom guys.

I'm a horrible person today! The post is totally unacceptable for our usually high standards.

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