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I dug myself into a hole so many times because of my ego and hasty decisions. When I am hurt I say things or do stuff that I really don't want to do, but I do it anyway :(. 

Anyway, when I found out from one of my cousin that he might be getting married this year (his mom told her and she told me) I was so much in pain that I blocked him, even contacted him from a random number just to find out if it was true or not, he didn't reply so I assumed may be it is and I blocked him. So if I unblock him now and then will block him again lol, I just don't know so I think I will keep him blocked for now. 

I just wish my cousin didn't tell me this. Day and night I have been thinking about this, now it just feels like I was just being fooled around :(. I have so many things to say, but I guess I will just take the blame and live with it, if that makes him justify his decisions.  When he gets the clarity sooner or later, he will realize that all these years he had been holding grudges against me for no reason. 

As I always say, I am happy if he is happy. 


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Hey, L! I'm still young, so I'll try my best to help you. Your life wasn't easy at all and now you're being falsely accused. Damn, that's horrible. You said you broke up with your cousin so this means you've been in a romantic relationship with him before? Didn't get that well.

If your cousin is accusing you without proof and isn't willing to hear your side of the story, he's wrong. On top of that, he's running away from you on purpose. In my opinion, if you keep chasing him now, you'll suffer... this is a problem only time will heal.

Anyways, I've thought of something you can do. Initiate/focus on a close relationship with someone you love in your family. It can be your dad, mom, sister, brother, uncle... or a close friend even. Change those negative memories you've been having in your life, it's time to replace them with something better. Find a good company and let your cousin live his life.

I think you need to be loved by someone. Anyone you trust. So go after that and try putting that dark past behind you. I'm still inexperienced but that's the best advice I can think of :)

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