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Ok I am a spiritual person and for fun i like to do tarot readings and in the reading for relationships . my element sign is the earth and his is the air and both came up ! out of all the combinations it could have been . That blew my mind ! I also have been seeing and heairng his name everywhere recently . Do you believe in signs from the universe  or a  higher being .on that note does god approve of cousin relationships ? 

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lol you see what you want to see and hear what you want to hear. 

Search google for cognitive dissonance. However, I do believe that you get signs from the universe if you are highly intuitive. But, 90% of the time people end up mixing emotions with intuition. Also, if your cousin wants to be with you.. he will tell you. Online tarot readings are for fun lol, listen to them just to feel better but keep in touch with the reality.

Note: God has nothing to do with cousin marriage, I am sure God did not make different set of rules for various religions lol. Some are allow cousin marriages and others don't, if God is one why is there so much inconsistency in rules or beliefs lol?


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Wow congrats !i think my cousin likes me too but im not sure will you tell me what you think 

He sent me this on october 10th

( cant post link but it says are you todays date ? because you are 10/10 meme . at the bottom small letters says also you are very pretty not sure if he saw that though

2.he sends me music he likes and wants me to like it too .

seems to try to impress me .

3. he touches me a lot (not in a sexual way ) even a few times on the face like poking my cheek .

4. we accidentally touched hands and I heard him under his breath say we just had a moment but when I asked what he said he would not tell me.

5. he seemed jealous when he thought a guy was texting me asking me who it was

6. we were watching this show and I said the guy was cute on it and he said yeah but hes no (insert his name here ) 

7. he offered me some of his drink from same cup

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I can't think of any religion that prohibits cousin marriages wholesale. You have to get a dispensation from the Catholic church, but no biggee.

Instead of reading tea leaves, I prefer a more direct approach. Why not ask your cousin how he feels?

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But isn't that always the case? At some point you have to open yourself up and be vulnerable. How about the old "If you were not my cousin"... trick?  It gives you an out, in case your cousin is so offended that he requires therapy for the next 25 years. And your family thinks you're some wacko perv and starts referring to you as "crazy Sally" LOL LOL well I hope Sally is not your real name

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