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Have you been getting mixed signals from your cousin?

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Hi. I'm not sure if this topic was addressed before, but i'd like to share some of my thoughts in this forum. It may not be a revolutionary discovery for the most experienced, but it is for me - and maybe you've been through this uncomfortable situation as well. Below is my conclusion after investigating the subject. I'm trying to think, so bear with me.

If your cousin is giving you "Mixed Signals" over an extended period of time you'd better be smart and jump ship... right now. But what I've come to notice as mixed signals? One day, he/she acts as if they were in love with you. The next, they avoid you on purpose or ghost you either in real life or in social media/message apps. They rarely contact you - you're the one doing all the work to reach them. They appear to correspond and not correspond you at the same time. They constantly alternate between showing interest and disinterest, leaving you confused. These are Mixed Signals and they usually mean disaster. It's either because...

- Your cousin is very unsure if they want to date you: they're not that into you or they're afraid of starting such a relationship.

- You're completely wrong about their level of interest and there aren't mixed signals at all. "No signals" were given and you're indeed very confused.

- They're trying to manipulate you on purpose. Your male/female cousin might be playing a flirting game that will never end or controlling you for their amusement as if you're their toy.

Cousins who are acting within the first two cases can still be your friends but you should run from case 3 immediately, even if your cousin is playing an apparently harmless game. I think that's still manipulation but at a weaker degree. Really, if you suspect you're being fooled around, start ignoring that person right now. They don't want to be your lover.

Anyway, I believe in change. Only time can tell if someone will change his "case 3" character and become romantically interested in you. If so, they'll come after you and they'll start making real effort to show Positive Signals, not mixed ones. Their fate will be on your hands haha.

To clarify: by saying "jump ship", I mean you should start ignoring them back - especially if you're the one always reaching them out. Drop any hopes you've set for that person right away and start viewing them differently from now on.

Even if they gave you Mixed Signals and rejected you because they really liked you and were confused or afraid of the social stigma, it's not worth investing another second of your time on them, at least in the romantic aspect. In the end, they've made their choice not to be with you.

Thanks for hearing me out. I don't even know if this sort of discussion can be started on the forum, I just wanted to help anyone who might be going through that. Seriously, don't waste your time dreaming about someone who only gives you mixed signals haha. Don't even confront them about it, just drop it and move on. If they ever want something, they'll reach you somehow.

Feel free to add knowledge to the discussion. Good afternoon.

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Yeah that's common when people are indecisive and don't know what they should be doing. 

Each one of us functions differently, some people are able to emotionally detatch themselves right away, whereas some people take their time. Like myself, I don't really care about what the other person is doing, I take my time (many many years) to make life changing big decisions. Once, I make mind there is no turning back and I have no regrets because I invested my time and efforts and gave them enough time to work things out. 

Some people move on quickly and some take years and don't like being rushed. 

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