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Can't stop think about my cousin(female) sexually

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Hi this is the first time writing on here, I've had sexual feelings for my female cousin for a long time now, use to go gym with her.

 I want to make a move on her but don't know how to or where to start. I always wanted her since I was in my teens I'm now 28 as is she as we was born on same day. Any help/advice would be appreciated greatly. 

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3 hours ago, Nick2019 said:

I want to make a move on her but don't know how to or where to start.

I dont believe you dont know where to start. If you are 16 or 18, probably. But at 28!? Come on man....so tell me, what is the real deal here? ?


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I've always found her to be absolutely stunning. I want to try it with her but I'm kind of afraid of what would happen if I do and it gets around the family etc. 

I'm also unsure if this is just completely sexual or something else

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Nick2019  if you are only wanting a sexual relationship with your cousin, my advice is  DON'T DO IT!!!!!!

I don't care how "HOT" she is. Cousin relationships are not to be taken lightly.

If you are interested in a real relationship then build a solid friendship first. Treat

her as the precious person she is. Don't make her feel cheap and used to fulfill some

fantasy you have about her.  You should be worried about what would happen with the family if you acted on your raging 

hormonal instincts. As that is what you are proposing to do.  

Do you think her parents would be happy just to find out what your intentions are?


Back off, slow down, cool the hormones and if you are interested in a real relationship then

pursue her with dignity as she would deserve.

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For starters build a REAL friendship, not a "just so I can get in your pants" relationship.

Go to movies, go for coffee or to eat. walk in the park, get the idea?'

No declarations of future intentions just be her friend.

After awhile, if you  think she may share some feelings or an interest, you can use the

tried and true "If you weren't my cousin I would like to date you" or whatever words fit the situation.

Or you can say something like " you possess the qualities I would look for in a gf or partner" or whatever works then.

IF she gives you the eww factor, you have the out of telling her "I said IF....."  

Who knows she might be interested, she may not give an answer right away, she might need time to process

it all. Give her time, don't push or mention it again, continue to be her friend. You will get an answer in time. 

Just be prepared that it might not be the answer you want, but you WILL get an answer.


Take it slow, cool the hormones and build that relationship.  We can all use more friends.

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Guest Jresolo87

So, I think your ok.....my 3rd cousin's daughter wants sex with me....she is 38 and I am 52....I told her ok....why not.....so needless to say....she was beyond amazing.....

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OK very interesting weekend, took her out for a meal had a nice chat took her home and one the way back she asked me if there was something on my mind I thought what the hell, told her that I was surprised your not involved with anyone as if you wasn't my cousin I would of taken my chances with you. As she doesn't drive she asked me if I could take her shopping, so I did. After getting back to hers and helped her up to her flat with the shopping I went down to get rest of the shopping came back up to find her in her underwear and bra. She said to me that she knows I was always checking her out at the gym. Then one thing lead to another an  ended up in her bed. While going at it there was a bit of blood, I asked her is she on her period or something the answer I received shocked me to the core. She was a virgin still at 28. I thought my God I've just taken my own cousins virginity. So now we are at it every moment we get. We arranged while we both are single we will itch each other's scratches. She is absolutely amazing, without a doubt the best if ever had. I'm now hitting the 24hour mark and still not left her place yet.

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