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I'm a Lesbian, loving my cousin

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Hi all,
I need your advice. I love my cousin and I would like to propose to her. But I'm not confident about her response. I'm a Lesbian and I'm not sure if she loves such a relationship. Actually, she is my intimate friend with whom I share everything. Even she knows I'm a lesbian. She loves me so much. But, she might not be expecting a proposal from me! What can I do here!
Are there any professionals helping with this kind of situations? Please share your experience. I would like to consult this Lesbian dating website for advice

(  Link Removed -KC. ).Will it really help? Please advice!

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 I'm just recently back here as a mod. I'm not going to remove your link on the chance you are legit. The site has made upgrades to drastically reduce the number of spam accounts that were made to elicit money from sponsors. This post reminds me of the ones I use to whack. I'm going to leave this for now, seeing as you seem sincere, and at the very least have jumped through all the right hoops to get here.

 That said, the site is also coming from a Christian perspective, and, some are not going to agree with the lifestyle. My personal opinion is irrelevant. My belief is, my skeletons probably outweigh yours, and I shan't be throwing stones.

 Your relationship is generally going to be like any other of that nature, with the added twist of your interest being a cousin, of whom it would seem, there is at the least a mutual fondness. The key is going to be the same as a hetero relationship, in that honest conversation is going to have to happen. Your feelings may be reciprocated, or you may get shot down, the same as any other two cousins discussing these matters, as you will find in many threads here.

 I will tell you this: If this IS legit, and you DO go to that site looking for advice, DO NOT be surprised if you are not met with the same aversion to cousin relationships as you find in the general population. Yours would not be the first case of the LGBT community frowning upon cousin couplings. Hypocritical IMHO, coming from a community screaming for "tolerance". Go ahead if you wish, but you will be better served in taking the leap and having "the talk" with your cousin, and finding out if the possibility of a relationship is there, or, it is unrequited....

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Hawk it was iffee but if we start allowing links it may never end.

Kathaleen, please no more links like that or your account will be marked as a spammer.

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