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Breaking up..

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Just try not to think about him. And cry when you need to.

I'm thinking about creating site or page for people people that are dealing with the lose or break up of a cousin relationship. I think all people that have had romantic relationships with their cousins are special. If I can't be with or marry a cousin then I feel like the next best thing would be someone who understands what it's like to be in a relationship and in love with her cousin.

If you read my story it doesn't even start to explain the pain I feel everyday without her. People who aren't dealing with The Break-Up or loss of a cousin relationship need extra help getting through it, or at least I do.

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If you're saying you broke up because your family didn't approve then that's no reason to break up. My cousin and I talked about our family and what they might say and we both agreed that we we're going to be with each other and didn't give a crap what anybody else thought. We had the law and more importantly the Bible on our side and I had nothing but there personal opinions and feelings.

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