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Married to first cousin before year 2005, can we domicile in TX?

Guest Talha Iqbal

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Guest Talha Iqbal

We got US immigration last week, during our final interview consular mentioned that we cannot domicile in Texas as we are first cousins. She gave us choices like CA, NY, etc. and based on my confirmation they issued us immigration visa. 

later I researched online and found that this law was implemented in year 2005 in Texas. Questions I have, what about the couples who already married before year 2005 and living in Texas? And also what about those couples who married before year 2005 and would like to domicile in Texas?

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i'm not an attorney, and this is a topic of much debate. personally, i wouldn't worry about it. you're legally married according to where you were living at the time and i can't imagine in what universe anyone would be questioning the validity of your marriage documents. PLUS the fact that prior to 2005 you could have even married here. 

but would it jeopardize your immigration status if you didn't choose a place that the consular suggested? or was she just giving you advice for the sake of advising?

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