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When the wind bring me your love

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Guest Gau To


I want to share my story with not so happy ending. 

I was born in Czech republic, my parents are from Vietnam. So my others relatives live there. I met my cousin in one of my trip to Vietnam when I was about 13 years old. He is 4 years older than me. I think that was the first time a I have crush on him. Let's call him "Michael". I just have on blurry memory from that time. We played video games on mobile phone in front of his house. A we make the rule that who fail the game that the person must kiss the winner. Don't ask me, how we made it. ? I just remember this that's all. The second visit was 4 years later. When I was 17 and he was 21 years old. I contact him before I took the fly. I was really curious about him. After all this years. All excite about him, like girl when she met her idol. That's summer was epic, full of passion, love and making love. We started our long distance relationship. It last about two summer. But you know nothing last forever. We broke up after two years. Sometimes I contact him. Cause I miss him so much. After 3 years of no contact he told me, that's he still love me so much, can't forget about me and just want me to keep him promise that never fly back there. I kept the promise 3 years. But last Christmas I saw on his FB that he was dating some chick. I started crying so much. I feel so heartbroken. Even I was in two relationships after him and still I am. I called him that I was going to visit him one more time. Two months he told my family that he was going marry some other chick that just met about month ago. I freaked out. My whole world crumble. He specially prepared the wedding exact the month I was going to arrive. And here I am 2 days after his wedding. When the whole one and half week. Living in his house with his parents. On the same floor with him. Preparing for his wedding, watching when your love of life marry someone else just to have rebound relationship, and forget about you and move on. Now we live on the same floor with his new wife. Everyday looking to each others eyes. I do still love him so much. After 11 years. Even I have to make whole preparation for his wedding. I want to be by his side just to see him. I know that he don't love her at all.. But maybe someday he will get use to her. Maybe this is the last visit I will make, just say proper goodbye to him. 

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Hey there, I too am Vietnamese

Part of the LDR package, especially since he's your cousin, is that you'll have to accept that they may move on and find somebody else. You can't realistically expect them to stay true to you since there are so many factors hindering the relationship like distance, family, society...which is why I have immense respect for any couples that make it through these trials, and I truly believe they're the longest lasting ones.

Count yourself among the lucky since you actually got to develop your cousin relationship, whereas many are one-sided love, like mine. Cherish your memories with him and wish him well in life. If it's meant to be, he will return to you.

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Wow your story made me cry because I am going through a similar situation with my first cousin who is also my soulmate and the love of my life and he just had another baby with a woman he is not in love with. My heart is broken because we can’t be together because we are cousins and we have been dealing with each other physically for 7 years on and off, but not publicly and only he and I know about what we are doing because we don’t want the judgement, so we find other relationships, but it’s hurtful because I have to watch him with other women and because he is my cousin I do have the right to say anything and when I do he says it’s because he can’t be with the woman he loves which is me! Honestly this has hindered my entire mindset on relationships! I am currently single, no children, in my mid thirties and I honestly don’t want children or a relationship if it’s not with my cousin, so I’m forever heartbroken and will go to my grave unsettled because I cannot be with my soulmate! Good luck to you

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