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My Novel About First Cousins Comes Out June 25th

Guest V.C. Chickering

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Guest V.C. Chickering


Hello, everyone. I've written a novel about first cousins who are inseparable best friends as children and try to move on from their desire for one another as young adults, only to end up happily together in mid-life (spoiler!). Now, there is a twist, which I won't reveal, but I wanted to let your community know about the book because I think I makes a good case for letting folks love the people they love, regardless of birth origin and arbitrary genetics fear-mongering. I will be honest, though, it takes the main characters' community, family, and friends about 48 years to ultimately arrive at supporting the couple. (The story begins in 1968 and ends in 2014) But there is a happy ending! There are many other story lines having to do with infidelity, alcoholism, non-consent and assault, closeted gayness, depression, family secrets, narrow-minded small town judgement, and unrealistic family expectations--hence the book's title, TWISTED FAMILY VALUES. But, I promise, it all works out for the best. I hope you will be pleased with the book's ultimate message and support it among your community members. It can be pre-ordered on any online book retail site (or local bookshop) ahead of its June 25th official publish date. Thank you all. Respectfully, V.C. Chickering (www.vcchickering.com)

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