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Is it time to break up??

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Guest Emily

Hi all I am in need of some advice regarding me and my partner. 

Today I have felt super miserable as I woke up and cuddled him he didn't wake up like he usually does so I just laid there and opened my phone to play on it, as soon as he woke up I put my phone down to say good morning and kiss and cuddle him, he proceeded to tell me not to touch him, and used his foot and hands to push me away from him, he said I was on my phone before I cuddled him and therefore merits him not wanting me to touch him..? So that really upset me because he didn't believe me when I said I spent ages cuddling him and he didn't wake up and I wasn't going to lay there cuddling him until he woke up just to prove I cuddled him? It's a bit ridiculous but anyway. All day I have felt off and I haven't really wanted to look at him or talk to him. He apologised but I don't think he realises the effect his actions have on me even though I explained to him. This is 90% of my mornings , he argues with me most mornings over ridiculous stuff, and even when I try to do as he pleases in the morning there's still always something. Im tired of feeling like I can't do anything right.

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  • Moderator

So sorry you're going through all this.

You haven't given us enough information to give you any advice.  Surely there is more substantive information that you could tell us.  I don't want to sound snarky, but what you've posted is something to gripe to your best friend about. 

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  • Administrator

He is just your partner, not your husband? You tell that hateful demon to get up, get dressed and get the hell out of your life. There is no other option. He has zero respect for you and never will.

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