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In love with my cousin

Guest Jorge Gonzales

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Guest Jorge Gonzales

I am 17 years old male and my cousin is 26. I always was attracted to her but it wasn’t until a little more then a year ago, that I started really having feelings for her. We text a lot but it’s never flirty but i do find that she is usually always the one to start the conversation. We have a lot in common and whenever I’m with her in person, I feel a strong vibe and I can tell that she follows me. If I go inside she goes inside and if I go outside, she goes outside. We always make strong eye contact and it’s just ways I feel when I’m looking at her that are unique to her. She acts different when we’re around other people and when we’re texting it’s like she’s a different person. I really want to tell her in someway how I feel but I’m afraid that she doesn’t feel the same way. Perhaps I see only what i want to see. When I’m honest to myself I remember how she’ll be talking about other guys to my other cousins when I’m around her. Just the way she looks at me and try’s to talk to me tells me different. I don’t know if any of this makes sense. I just don’t know what to do. A little context: like i said I’m 17 in high school but really mature for my age. She’s 26 going to college and she isn’t a very social person, she has her small circle of girlfriends and that’s it. She’s very close to her family and still lives with her parents. Whenever I go to hangout with my guy cousins, she’s there. She definetly treats me different as opposed to my other cousins. I’m not the best at telling things, but I just want to know if anyone can help me with my life. I suppose I’m a little depressed too

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