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Guest princess Nihara

story of two parallel cousin lovers

Can parallel first cousins have healthy children?  

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  1. 1. Can parallel first cousins have healthy children?

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Guest princess Nihara

hey!! :(

  I don't know where to start,i found this site while searching on Google about 'cousin love', i've already told you i'm soo deeply in love with my parallel cousin,i'm now 18 and he is 24,we love each other very much,we have a strong relationship with each other.but right now we are having a breakup,it's nearly killing me,i'm missing him soo much and i really need him.he decided that we should end up our affair not because he doesn't love me, because he thinks that we would never be able to marry each other,and he is afraid of gene problems,whether we 'll be able to have healthy children..i know that today science is developed,but the attitudes of people about cousin love is not changed,in Sri Lanka most of the people think it is a crime,but i think it should have been a crime if you are loving your sibling :embarrassed : i don't know how my parents,his parents and  our relatives will react after knowing our affair,we both are afraid to reveal it to them.

but i do believe that one day i would really be able to marry him,in our society there are cross cousin marriages often,but i've never heard about parallel cousin marriages,so please if your story is similar as mine please don't forget to comment this and if you are married to a parellel cousin i would love to know about your story.

he and i was so close from our childhood,i'm the only child in the family, as a child i used to love him very much because i really miss a elder brother,he has a younger brother who is 1year younger than him,but when i was about 12 i realized i had some weird feelings for him,they were different and not like towards a brother, i realize that because i didn't had those type of feelings for his brother or anyone else, after few years i got to know it is called 'love',i was afraid to tell him about may feelings,cause i was not sure he had the same feelings for me or else i was just a sister to him.we were good friends than cousin.he had many affairs but they were not serious,he told me about his girlfriends,it was really hurting me,and i tried to made up my mind but i failed.

we used to text each other often,when i was 15 ,one day he send me a sms 'i love you' i couldn't believe that it was the happiest day in my life,the one you were loving for years finally told you that... then the best part of my story began,we started a secret affair,we act normal as cousins in front of our families,some times we feel guilty about our love,but we can't be away from each other,i don't know what will happen in the future.the only thing i know is i need him soo much :embarrassed:

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  it all sounds very familiar. It is typical to have feelings for one particular cousin only, and not any other cousin. Best wishes on the huge decision that must be made by you two. Be strong. Hold your head up high. Wife and I had little support also. We said, F it, let's get married. Well, it wasn't that easy but yea  it all worked out.



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I am from India and here parallel cousin marriages are seen as taboo, but here cross cousin marriages are common.I seriously love my mother's sister's daughter too much, I feel guilty and embraced about it ,I have no sisterly feeling about her unlike other cousins, It felt weird.

I decided to propose her but was very afraid that she will feel bad but one day proposed her but alas she said "No I never expected this from u, u have done so wrong thing, u should have shame to think about ur sister this way  "  she is of traditional thoughts , she complained myself  to her mother . Now she is gonna marry , after 4 months from now, she is gonna marry to her cross cousin (her father's sister's daughter) . I tried to convince her but all in vein 

I can't live without her, I want to do suicide 

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