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Curious about being offspring.

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Do anybody else get confused when your dad is your uncle and you mom is your aunt and your sister is your cousins.  How do you help your children with this.  


What if the father is ashamed of the offspring and just abandons the child?

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Heather - Your parents are your parents NOT your aunt and uncle.  The primary relationship is biological parent.  the fact that they are also related is not YOUR problem but theirs.  How they handle it is a reflection on them, NOT YOU.

Again, if the father is ashamed of the offspring - he is the problem.  I feel your pain and I know you have been abused.  You had no choice and are stuck with his dumb attitude.  You are the victim, NOT the cause of the problem.  I cannot grasp how deeply your pain goes.  I know it does and I just wish I could give you a major hug and some desperately needed comfort.

Send me a pm if you want to talk more.  I want to help you feel there is hope and happiness in the world.



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I am confused. Didn't you just post that your parents were first cousins? How then are they also your uncle and aunt?

Deadbeat dads are not limited to kissing cousins. You dad needs his khoolas snipped. How old are you?

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