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1st Cousin Once Removed Marriage in LA

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HI Cinderella2019, welcome to cc! If you haven't already, check out the page on the site that spells out the 

state laws as we know them.  The best advice I could give you is contact a lawyer in your state.

We do not give legal advice here, but urge you to seek same in your state.

Best wishes on your journey.

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It depends on what Louisiana's definition of 4th degree relatives are. They may define the definition in their state law. The definition may vary from religious, legal, and historic definitions like the old Roman civil law.  I can't answer your question with 110% confidence. You should contact a lawyer who would know or know how to quickly find out. If you do that please let us know what you find out. Sometimes it is easier to leave the state, get married and return.

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