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I'm in love with my cousin

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So I had moved in with my uncle when I was 11 years old I was very mature and develop and going through my hormones and I had a cousin who was 13 at the time we had a regular cousin bond at first but one night I was in his room and he had put an ice pack on my back and I freaked out (not in a bad way a quick reaction way) and I twisted his nips and I forgot what happen next but he asked if he could touch mine and I let him anyways fast forward a month later March 29th one day before my birthday well actually like an hour because it was almost midnight long story short I said I was bored he said me two he was laying on his bed and I was laying on the chair I said wanna play truth or dare he said sure and it left to hugs to kisses to lap dance and to me giving him oral sex it also happened again on July 15 a couple months later and ever since March 29th years ago I've been madly in love with him and I don't know what to do also I u see this and you know how to respond pls do I'm desperate

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