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NYT article

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i remember the NYT article too. FYI, the second couple photographed in that article, kathy and dale.... dale was killed in a motorcycle accident just before thanksgiving this year, so if you do any praying, kathy is going to have a very difficult time this christmas. she's absolutely devastated at the loss of her husband and best friend.

the oprah article... wow, never saw that one! BUT, it's an invaluable resource, because it links to a site i didn't know existed, which keeps a CURRENT list of states cousin marriage laws. here's the list... we need to add this at the top of our state laws page. http://www.ncsl.org/research/human-services/state-laws-regarding-marriages-between-first-cousi.aspx

can't remember if i ever read the washington post article. gonna have to re-read that one :)

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