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Long distance with no immigration hopes

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My cousin and I are half first cousins once removed (my mom is his half first cousin). A part of my mom's family is from England, and we have always been very close to them. I grew up visiting every 2 years and my s.o. came to the US frequently too. I moved to Europe to complete my masters degree and feelings that had been bubbling up exploded. Long story short, we got together last September when I was in Switzerland. In January, I visited him in England and lived with him for 6 months. I cannot stay longer because my tourist visa "allowance" in England is 6 months maximum.

I have therefore had to leave him after falling head over heels. We have wracked our brains about a possible way to make this work cross-continent without telling family and the only way we can be together, it seems, is through a marriage Visa in the UK since they have no laws against cousin marriage. This is risky because they may see me taking advantage of the system and not actually loving him and wanting to be with him. Also, and more importantly, my s.o. is extremely reluctant to tell our family, to the point that we have broken things off because we can't see a way out. Our family is, as I said, incredibly close and to us, family is everything and the thought of losing them all is near impossible. Also, I acknowledge that his side is much more closed minded and he has more to lose (he's about 10 years older, with a house and job etc while I am early in my career with more international mobility due to my education). I have never felt this soul crushing pain before and the idea of a life without him is killing me all at once. 

I don't know what I hope to hear back from on this forum but I'm ready to try anything. Any comments or advice are welcome.

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