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I need to know if my second cousin likes me or not.

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Hi. So I only met my second cousin for the first time, when I was 13. She was, too. Immediately, I had an attraction to her and, well, I don’t really know if she felt the same about me. We only met this late because we live in two different countries, not very apart, but it’s still fairly difficult to constantly travel to an entirely different country like that, as we all can agree on. 

Now, ever since that day, we texted back and forth. Know, however, that I started most of the conversations, but she always replied as soon as she could, well, so she says lol. Now this attraction to her, I didn’t really think much of it until my family and her were invited to their house to spend a Christmas. So we stayed for a couple days, and boy did I fall in love with her. Haha I just grew soo close to her over those days, I mean, we still weren’t all that close but we had a connection. She always says that I’m her only cousin she can relate with, as we’re actually each other’s only cousins of the same ages. 

So when I stop texting her for a while, she kinda checks in on me, and she’s all like “heyy what’s up?” I don’t know if that means much haha. But the thing is, (I’m sorry for the older folks on here) we text each other on Snapchat. And Snapchat has a feature where you can actually show people your location, which I admit, is dangerous, but you can, in fact control who sees where you are. Anyway, sometimes she looks at my location to see what I’m up to, or just where I am. I know this because she was looking for my location one time when we were going to her house so see where we were, but I’d taken the feature off for a while and she told me she wasn’t trying to stalk me or anything, in a comical type of manner. 

So yeah, we went back to their house this year actually, for a family reunion. And she was way more comfortable with me since we’d been texting everyday since Christmas. By more comfortable, I mean she wanted to go against me in games like Pictionary, she was like “are you going? I’ll go when you go” and when all the kids were going in the pool, she wouldn’t go if I weren’t going and she’d say “ok I’ll wait for you” if I went to change into my swimming clothes. Also, a few times, I looked away from her, and when I looked back, I could swear I saw a swift movement of her head as if she were staring at me and turned away. 

She also wanted to take pictures with me and her when he had on dressy outfits or won a medal in a race (it was crazy reunion lol don’t ask. Haha) 

See, I’m worried, because she’s going into high school now and she’s gonna be exposed to soo much more guys so she might get a boyfriend soon, that is, if she doesn’t like me in that way. Or she could get a boyfriend. I really don’t know how girls work lol. And the thing is, yeah I’m going to high school too, but, it’s all boys. And no offense to anyone here, but I don’t really play for that team lol. I’m more for girls.

Anyway, what should I do? I most likely won’t see her again till next summer and I don’t know if she’ll get a boyfriend by then. Really hope not. Are these signs plausible? I mean, the whole body language thing, with touching, teens don’t really do that anymore, it’s kinda awkward to just touch someone, even if you like them. Like I’m crazy about her, but the most I’ve done was hug her like 3 times when we left from the reunion, in which, she did accept and hugged me too, each time.

So yeah, that’s basically it, this could be wishful thinking, but I really do love her. I told her that once as a joke which was very obvious actually, but she rushed to say “OMG I LOVE YOU TOO HAHA” so that got me happy lol. But umm please tell me if these signs are good enough and what should I tell her? Or should I say anything at all? 

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Heyyy there’s also a massive red flag I missed, well at least I think so lol. 

Some of my friends and her friends saw pics of us together and asked if we were dating and she was actually 100% on board to trick them and say that we were. She actually proposed the idea. I don’t know if that would help haha. 

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