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Really need some prayer .

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Hey guys it’s been a while since I’ve posted so I created a new account.. I but I gotta talk .. ok well I’ve been in love with my cousin ever since I can remember, at one time we were best friends and she gave me every single that she was interested in me and I was head over heals for her .. I ended up confessing my feeling for her and it was the hardest thing I ever did , She ended up telling me she didn’t see my in that way and I was really confused and heart broken.. long story short I haven’t seen her in 6 years and last week she just showed up for a visit .. I rent a house with my sister and my sister knows how I feel about her , So last week I got home from work opened the door of the house and there she was just chilling on the couch.. and as soon as I saw her and made eye contact I was goner and extremely sad and trying to hide it .. She will be here for 2 weeks everything in my wants her , my soul long for her as my mate and I really wanna heal our friendship we once had .. I haven’t spoken to her but a few words since she came in .. anyways I’m having such a hard time y’all .. I need a miracle and strength.

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Wow that is uncomfortable. Shouldn't your sister have warned you before inviting someone like that over for 2 weeks? Ok, take a deep breath. Just don't make a fool of yourself. Don't get too friendly with the cuz. The ball is clearly in her court. 

Don't overthink anything; you will wear yourself out. Don't talk yourself into doing anything stupid. I doubt she feels any differently toward you now. I'm not certain that you can "heal" a chemistry that is simply not there as far as she is concerned. 

Grab a fishing pole, a shotgun and go camping/hunting next week.

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