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One Year Anniversary~Please help !

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Hello everybody ! How are you doing ? : )

As the title implies, tomorrow December 3rd, is my anniversary with my with second cousin ! Yay ! : D Unfortunately we have not been married for a year, but dating for a year now and I am super ecstatic about tomorrow ! The only thing is....I need some advice..

I have never been in a relationship this long and neither has he, and so, we don't have a clue what to do or get each other. We pretty much just stared at each other brainstorming for a while before we go braindead and just end up smiling at each other and saying " I love you" and then we hug and start goofing around with each other. He has a job, but doesn't get paid each week and wont have any money until next week, and I'm broke as a joke. He loves reading and writing so I was wondering how he might feel about a love letter, but I really don't know anything on this subject (of anniversary love letters). Also, I would need MUCH more time to write a love letter, since I am not good with words and me being so shy. Id probably mess that up anyways. LOL Anyway, I really want my honey t smile tomorrow ! But I'm at a loss as for how....can somebody please give me some assistance ? I would greatly appreciate any advice or suggestions

Thank you very much !

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a love letter sounds awesome. honestly, if i had seen this before the 3rd, i would have offered to help you buy something for him. I fell in love with my cousin but didnt know it. long story. congrats to you. theres nothing like what you have. You two have something very special. i hope you post what you ended up giving him. i wish you both the best.

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