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Guest Confusedinlife

5 months ago I found my Fathers long lost half brother (They hadn't seen each other in 34 years)

I was raised having absolutely no family other than my own sisters and parents

So it was amazing finding family and to find that I had cousins and anyway

When my Uncle came down to visit us he brought his son who is my age (both 21)

And something just sparked between us and we became super close within that first hour!

We had so much in common even though we didn't know the other exist a week earlier!

But nothing happened that first time but we both said we were each others missing halves

And we talked every single day till he came back with the rest of his family and

This time the attraction was impossible to fight but he had a girlfriend and until I met

Him I was pretty comfortable being gay but with him he is all I want or feel I need,

We had a great visit and I met the rest of his family and met other cousins but we were

Always drawn to each other and close and touching some way, and it was hard not being obvious

And we spent a night on the couch watching movies and cuddling it didn't go further than that

But I fell asleep in his arms and he woke me up and we went up to our beds and he

Later told me how much he wanted me to crawl into his bed and cuddle and it floored me because

I was wanting and hoping for the same!! Anyway the next day we were alone in the

House and I was sick (I have a heart condition and was having a bad day with it)

And he just layed with me on the couch watching tv and talking about everything and

I can't even describe how amazing it feels to be in his arms. When he was leaving he did try and kiss

Me but I panicked and pulled away and I regret that to this day! But he went home and

He told me how he felt and he broke up with his girlfriend he was living with and he came

Down in oct and we had a incredible time together and I finally got that kiss and

It was out of this world and we couldn't keep our hands off each other it is magnetic the

Way we are always touching. I feel like he is my soulmate but he and I both know our

Families will not accept this, my folks have said things about how close we are

And it is very clear that they will not approve and I know I am 21 but

I have my family that needs me because my parents have health issues and I take care of them

But all I want is to be with him and not have to hide how we feel like it is a dirty secret

My older sister is happy for us and sees the connection between us but she is the only

One who accepts us. He says he would give up everything for me and I want to say the

Same for him but I can't and also with my heart condition I feel as though he can and should

Do better and have someone healthy and not a burden. I just don't know what to do

I know what I want and that's him but I feel like I can't have him. I love him very much and

I know he feels the same.

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