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Guest ammuz

i am christian n i am in love with my 2nd cousin is there any prob ?

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Naaa. The punishment for marrying one's cousin is ..... marrying one's cousin :D

We got priests and preachers and all sorts of Christians here, incl. me. I guess all of our admins identify with Christianity and that is actually part of our "brand" -- the conservative undertones of our collective discretion. Some have even called us the Christian Cousin Couples group. Oh well. 

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How does one become a Christian and from where does a Christian base his or her belief? The answer is the bible, which Christians believe to be God's holy and infallible word.

Now, in regards to cousin marriage, what does the bible state? The answer lies in Leviticus 18. It bans the marriage and sexual relations of your kin except for cousins.

Also, when you look at the legality of second cousin marriages in the U.S (and much of the world), it is 100% legal.

So, yes, second cousin marriages are accepted by God and even mankind. But don't take my word for it. If you still have doubts, read the bible and do your own research on second cousin marriages!


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