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Please check out my new website/ Feedback wanted

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Please check out thebosshost.com and let me know what you think. It looks and works best on a desktop. 

I did add some brand-building ads in there. There are 4 random ones --- displaying "Don't be this guy......   Be a boss." I would like to know if these are in good taste or not. Sometimes, I know it's hard to believe, but I can be over the top. Feedback please. (Press the refresh button or see them all)

And feedback on everything. What do you like best and what do you like least? Please tell!

Here are the images so that you don't have to refresh and refresh. I love the one where the girl is taking her balloons and going home LOL. The one with the banana is me without any cold beer in the house ?

If you are a guest, you may use the contact us forum at the bottom, or better yet, register!





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LOL well my fave is the gum on the shoe one. i HATE stepping in gum!!! the site looks nice, KC. really. and great prices! 

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Thanks for the feedback! 


I started to say, This person ordered hosting from GoDaddy. This person ordered from The Boss Host LOL, I was afraid that I would be sued.

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