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Updated: Forbidden Relatives book / Student Discounts

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Our store has ONE new copy of the paperback, Forbidden Relatives. It is getting expensive! Even some used copies are selling more than new/originals! That is a weird market.

I will be leaving for a few weeks or months or years. I have put the book on sale so I do not have to carry it around with me. It's now only $20 with a two-year (additional?) membership. So shucks, go buy it. It is the cousin cousin bible. You know you want it.


I can't get you a discount on the store products, but students and newlyweds (less than a year) get memberships for 1/2 price (today is just $2.50). Just explain this fact to: [email protected] Please sign up first and give me your username and use the same email that you registered with. 

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