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A few times a year I do this. Let me know if you like any of these song please. I usually just run across them on YouTube. Let me know if you hate these and I will stop posting them! And you can do the same. . . just use newish music that the masses have missed. Anyone know any of these groups? All new to me. Big Head Ted has me hooked.



This group has lots of great songs. (But I don't agree with the lyrics). My gal is never coming home. 




Where did this guy come from?



Alabama Shakes




Black Stone Cherry




So Well


This is cousin couples, right? Well here is what ya bee waiting for:




I think they clipped this guy at an early age. Wow, he has such a beautiful head voice (high voice).


Let's end on a positive note!


Almost forgot about the "Golden Boy." This guy's sister just got kicked off the show and called a "lounge singer!" The pressure cooker!


Last one!  Try not to get broken up a little bit.


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