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Ok need _everybody's_ input. New book!!

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I am thinking seriously about writing a book! About cousins? Why yes! But . . .   . . .   . . . 

I do want the book to be about cousin couples, but that only scratches the surface. I need a broader topic and I need your help to develop it! Please!

I do not want to rewrite "Forbidden Relatives" (in the book store). I want to write my own darn book. Right? What I am interested in is Anthropology, in a larger sense.

I'm thinking of a book with maybe only 1 or 2 chapters about cousins. I want to write about marriage customs and weird customs around the globe. 

I would love to compare/contrast arranged vs "love" marriages and why it is taboo is fall in love in certain cultures.

There is soooo much out there to write about. I want my book to keep your attention from the word "go!" 

So my question to you all, what you are interested in? How can I expand our tunnel vision of kissing cousins to write a book that will have a wider audience? 

If you have a marriage or cultural question that could be applicable, please spit it out here. You guys could help me out SOOOO much.

Writing a book about cousin marriages is so myopic. Let's add one or two chapters of that and that's it. It would be comprehensive but not on and on and on like "Forbidden Relatives."

If you know a weird cultural marriage fact, please tell me. I've been talking with a lady who travels the world for a living and she tells me stories. Freaking incredible stuff. There are more interesting customs than cousin marriages. That is just normal in so many places. 

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I'm not a writer and not sure how to incorporate it but I'd sure as h*ll read your book if it contained world wide prospecting as well. 😁 

Where I'm from, cousin marriage is legal and not even unheard of but still contains a mountain of guilt and a lifetime of looks and whispers. The Christian way.. 😂 

Good luck with the book. Please let me know when it's available. 


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I would love to be informed on how weddings changed once the church got so heavily involved in them in the western world.  100 years ago, even in the states, weddings were relatively low-key events, unlike the extravaganzas they have become today.  I know that the televised wedding of Queen Elizabeth and Prince Phillip influenced people to be more exacting with their weddings.  And I know that there was a time when a civil ceremony was the norm of the day, but exactly how things evolved to what the western world expects of a wedding today is baffling to me.

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