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Starting next month, there will be a bi-monthly newsletter informing the readers of all things cousincouples. I've had fun in the past doing this, so I will try it again.

I am putting this out there as a !warning! : if you do not want a newsletter sent to your email address, you must opt-out in your profile. If you want the newsletter, check your profile setting and make sure you are opted-in. 

To change your preferences, (in the upper right corner of the page), select Account --> Notifications. 

Thanks guys! I'm sure you will enjoy the newsletter,. You will get details that you will find nowhere else, like the gypsy woman who tried to claim that she was my cousin. We almost married in Vegas, but, unfortunately for her, I sobered up when the officiant, who was dressed as Elvis, mentioned marriage. Yea, stuff like this, and also true stories too :D  

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