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My cousin likes me and shes coming to xmas party with family

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well im 15 and 2 years ago me and my cousin were at a house with all our family there and we got boerd so we went to the park 5 min walk away then we started to talk about school and stuff for about 20 or so mins then walked back to the house and played with a ball but this time we were talking about sex and stuff.... Then we went to our uncles wedding and we were the only 2 there the sameish age *shes 1 year younger* well we go outside and talk for 30 mins or so about stuff. Then after that day we drive to my house and my cousion and her mum stay there for a night since they have to catch a plan tomrorow and when i was in bed I was fantasing about her coming in my room and coming into my bed with me but after a hour of thinking about that i fell alseep and woke up the next day and they have left so im like okay sure. Then i get a messge on facebook from her 8 hours later saying. That she was so tempted to come in my room at night and get under the covers with me and fuck me and then she said this has to stay between us ok?... At first i thought it was just one of her freinds on her facebook around fucking with me but then she started to say stuff only she could know about about like my other cousin sam. *she is 1 older than me* well anyway she said to me on facebook that "I bet you get horny when sam is around* and the next week or so we talk about how horny we are and that next time we see each other she going to blow me or something.... But like 5 months later after we stoped talking i asked her on facebook if she could give me a blowjob next we see each other and she says "haha no you crazy bastard!" and I was so embarresed i just signed off and had a shower sitting thinking about what i just did... Im going to the family gathering for xmas on the 27th and shes going to be there and its going to be the first time i have seen her since 2 years ago... I'm not sure if i want to do anything with her or what ever but i kind of do since the past girl friends i have had i havent got anything from them interms of sex or kissing and just reccently i broke up with a girl after 3 months. nothing really happend we dident even kiss but it made me feel that im not going to get anything from anygirl so i might as well try with my cousin that wants to or atleast did want to I still dont know if she wants to or not anymore. im 15 and im a big guy but i have lost alot of wieght recently because im tierd of being fat. so uh im just looking for advice if i should try make a move on her this xmas or not? what if i do and she doesnt want it or anything and it gets really awkward but im so fucking horny from reading all these stories about getting blowjobs from cousins.

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Hey Atom. First off, great job on working on gettin yourself healthy!

I'm 15, too, and believe me I know how easy it can be to, umm, think with the wrong head. I've gotta tell you though, there are things about a relationship that are WAY more important than sex. If I'm counting right, when this all happened you were 13 and your cousin was 12. That's just when the hormones are revving into high gear, lol. From the way it sounds to me, you aren't wanting a real relationship with this girl, only something that you haven't managed to get from anyone else.

My advice would be to stop trying to get sex from girls and concentrate more on building a good relationship. No matter if the girl is your cousin or a girl from your school.

Also, would you please refrain from using bad language? This ain't a locker room and there are ladies present.

Good luck, Dude.

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Ok first off you need to clean up this post. We don't need

to know the exact  things you are talking about. 

This is a family site and  we have people YOUNGER than YOU that

come here for advice and don't need to see the graphic stuff.

Second you are young and your hormones are raging.

BUT... that is no reason to think you will never "get anything from a girl".

If that is the ONLY reason you are wanting a girlfriend  you are really off base

with what a girlfriend should mean.  And to just try your cousin because you think

you may not get another girl is  totally wrong.

Try changing your attitude toward girls/women in  general and you might

find there is more to us than SEX and feeding your ego.

It would probably be best to NOT bring up what you want from

your cousin when you see her at Christmas. Have fun, enjoy being a

cousin and friend.  You have plenty of time for the other stuff.

I don't know where you are reading all that stuff about cousins.

Obvioiusly it isn't on here. And sounds like it is from a site that

you are WAY to young to be on anyway.

Our cousin relatinships here are not based on the things you are

getting the idea of.

OK so I have been pretty harsh on you.

Your post just struck me wrong.

I do hope you will think about some of

the points I made and do some soul searching

and make some changes to your line of thinking.

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I have thought about it and i feel really bad now and wrong about this. I did have a girlfriend a couple of months ago that i really liked but i broke up with her because she was lieing to me after i told her it was allright and she did not have to lie and then after that since i dident really get any sexual contact from her I kinda felt desperte. I'm not going to say/talk to her at the party now since I feel really wrong if i did do anything thanks for the help romalee/mojo

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What nat said. But that doesn't mean you can't even talk to your cousin.

Don't ignore or avoid her. Let things happen naturally. If she speaks to you, speak back.

Or if  you are in a position to speak first~~ do it. A simple hello, how are you. or nice to see

you here are all fine. Just go with the flow and do what feels natural.  Don't however bring up

any of the past.  You will get through this just fine.

Lose the feelings of desperation in the area of feeling you won't have

a girlfriend or "one of those experiences".  If you treat a girl the way she is

to be treated she will think so much more of you than if your are just "out for

one thing".

Good luck, you can do this.

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