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Moving to a new server

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I will be moving to a new server shortly. This will be the first website on that server, so it may require some tweaking. It may take longer than I would like. 

Expect the message board to be locked while the changeover occurs. 

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All done! Sorry I had to restart the server (making the website disappear for a moment). And sorry it took so long! What? An hour? I had to update several modules... tedious work!

It appears that the forum is working properly. The main page has some problems but I will fix it. 

For you nerds, here are the specs of the new dedicated server:

Intel Xeon E3-1240 V3 4x 3.30 GHz / 8 Threads
1 TB Enterprise SSD
20 TB Monthly Transfer
1Gbps Network Port

I got a great deal (I think), so I can't complain. Even got them to upgrade the CPU and replace a 500 GB with 1 TB SSD! 

These people are like the phone company, one day late with the payment and they turn us off. 7 days they repo the server. 

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