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90 percent of advertisers down us down, but CBD Fx has accepted us. So then, let's support them. I LOVE CBD just ask LadyC,

I have purchased a lot of products from this company, CBD Fx. It works for me, if the dosage is right. The dosage is something that you have to experiment with.

For me, 50-60 mg is what it takes to chill me out. Make sure you get enough CBD that you don't run out in two days, unless you just want to try it out! I hate to be without my CBD! 

Some of you may be wondering, is it legal? Yes! Legal everywhere as there is little to no THC in these products. 

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Girl, what do you do? Roll up a fat blunt? That is a funny picture in my mind. 

I usually do not allow links like that, but I will make an exception. If you want to smoke it, your link may be helpful. I would prefer to find some AC/DC buds that are very very low in THC. 

No--- I have never had diarrhea, but these health products are unregulated. I typically shoot for 50 milligrams/dose. You need to find a company that you trust and stick with them. Here are a few good ones that I have personally tried.

CBDfx (our sponsor)

CBDMD (very expensive)

Balance CDB

Also, I would stay away from vaping (anything) indefinitely. Look for "full-spectrum" CBD; otherwise, it is probably made from powdered hemp or hemp that should be fed to the pigs.

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7 hours ago, MarcosUve said:

Why do you think so? Tobacco companies provide their policies against vaping.

I don't think so. What I have heard is that Big Tobacco is investing heavily in developing their own vaping products because they see the writing on the wall and the demise of their main products.

My theory is that much of the chemicals used, especially in THC products, are sourced from China, who are poisoning us with their cheap and counterfeit products. When I was vaping, I made darn sure that every molecule was sourced in the USA. If I was still vaping, I would probably mix my own. Menthol, PG and VG that is already mixed with nicotine. Boom! 


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