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Oh Dear,  I met my first cousin three years ago at age 50.  He lived in the UK.  I broke up with him earlier this year because he would not send me proof that his divorce was in progress. In my mind, I didn't want to have an affair with a married man. In his mind I should have understood that he was the one making the big change by getting divorced and moving to another country. He thought I should have been patient.  I had to cut off all communication because I still loved him but felt like a whore by being with a married man.  We recently started talking about the break-up and I still love him intensely and apparently during my "non-communication" he tried to commit suicide.  We both have very strong feelings for each other.  I will come right out and say it: we have strong sexual feelings for each other, yet both have "messy" sexual backgrounds.  It is causing a problem for me.  We live 6,000 miles apart.

Water seeks its own level:  we are both equally dysfunctional.

Any input would be appreciate.

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Is he divorced yet??

If not back out and have no contact with him until

such time that is done.

Dysfunctional or not he is off limits and has no place making you feel guilty

for the breakup.

If and when the time is right for you two to go forward

you will know it. and not until.

Best wishes.

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