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Im so confused on genetics!

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Reading online predating 2018 most articles are positive saying little risks for cousins

 Now 2019 all you see is genetics risks are high. About how we are ruining genetics for our children.  Im so confused! Why all the sudden evrything i read is bad? Im having serious anxiety over this. Also is Alan bitles and other genetic researchers for or against cousin marriage?! Its not clear at all.


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I do not think anything has changed. I suppose there will always be those that drum up the hemophilia aspect and stats that are not representative of cousin couples. A LOT on the internet is recycled garbage. People write these halt-baked articles and put ads on them and post them on the internet. It's mostly kids probably not in high school yet.

I don't really follow Alan Bitles; however, the NSOGC and Martin Ottenheimer agree that you shouldn't worry about the outcome and they do not recommend any special tests. You should order the book. I posted a paper from the NCOGC not long ago. Maybe you can find it.

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